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The Top Ten Explainer Videos of 2020

Over the past decade, we have seen a lot of Explainer Videos. Below is our list of the top ten Explainer Videos of 2020.

10. Responsibility.org

This Explanier Video describes the challenges in the criminal justice system that keep drivers with multiple offenses on the road. A countdown clock of the tragedy plays throughout the video demonstrating the flaws in our system that lead to drunk drivers remaining on the road. The clock builds tension to the accident before the story pivots to discuss ways to achieve a better ending for the repeat offender. A sophisticated design and cinematic approach is used to convey an all too persistent human story.

9. Handmaid’s Tale


Audible.com created an explainer video to explain Margaret Atwood's controversial bestseller. Narrated by Emmy-winning actress and Homeland star Claire Danes, this animation captures the dystopian atmosphere of the book that was recently adapted into the popular TV series, starring Elisabeth Moss. 


8. Globe Life 30 second ad
Globe Life’s "Just Life Insurance" uses an explainer video to discuss a topic we all avoid thinking about. It’s cartoonish fun keeps the mood light as we consider the end of our life. A wash in Globe Life's famous blue color, the commerical moves from scene to scene quickly, keep the comedy going, while staying on message, and having a bit of fun.


7. Salvation Army ‘Flight for Good’ – Gus

This animation steps outside the box when it comes to storytelling. The animation is successful in capturing the warmth and human element of giving through its storytelling, art direction, and style. This explainer video transports the viewer to a time when they may have been read to by a parent or adult as a child and ties the final message together with the nostalgia of the giving spirit of the holidays.


6. Paint Chips

This explainer video literally explores a world made of color that brings a sense of wonder and curiosity. The beauty of this animation lies in their ability to make subjects look effortless.This safari theme also plays an essential role in bringing these color-centric characters composed of colorful paint chips  into life.


5. John Carpenter – My Favourite Music Memory

This explainer video utilizes the simplicity of a few colors and geometric shapes to immerse the viewer into the world of John Carpenter’s memory. The style gives the animation the feeling of the nostalgia of childhood coupled with momentum building to human happiness found within a small instance.


4. Headspace “Sleep:60”

This explainer video does an excellent job in incorporating the serenity of Headspace within the confirments of modern urban areas. The quick movements of the animation eventually settle into the equanimity found within this product. Clean, simple, and easy--the animation mimics the solution Headspace offers its viewers.


3. Metamorphosis

The speaker’s drug induced narration leaves the audience disoriented. The intense action of the animation compensates for it’s minimal use of color, transporting the user into the mind of the speaker. Images, objects, and impressions move far too quickly. Alot of research and incredible attention to detail went into making this piece.

2. Hannabumblebee

This wholesome animation portrays love as an emotion already within us-- a bud with potential waiting to blossom under the right conditions. It’s cute style and musical score pushes the story forward, emphasizing the power of belief in love. 

1. Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Illnesses and sickness can be disorienting. This animation beautifully depicts this, as well as the fragility of the human experience in the face of uncertainty and of loss. It starts with a sense of loss and takes us on a journey of being whole once more. Thousands of details have gone into each second giving the animation a beauty like no other.

So those are our top ten explainer videos of 2020.
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