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Covid-19 has made filming difficult. Even before Covid-19 filming with live actors was time-consuming, more expensive than animation, and it gets out-dated fast. But animation is new. It's ever-green. And it can make boring subjects exciting and fun to watch.

Companies are choosing animated series because it gets higher engagement. So it’s more effective. But making an animated series is something not every animated studio can do. Here is a breakdown of things a good animated series needs. Things like....
...“a cartoon Series Writer” - A writer that knows your industry and your style.
...Research and Art Development
...Character Development and line-up - to remain consistent
...Hiring the right team - Directors, Illustrators, Animators, Sound Effects, Musicians and editors
...Casting - What kind of voices do you need?
...Budgeting and planning - How long will it be? At what quality? How many characters
...Backgrounds - Do you have a lot of locations?
...World Development - How do the locations relate to one another?
...Equipment - Will you need a dedicated server? How many computers? Do you need a large voice over booth?
...A Technical Director - to handle the team’s technical issues.
...The Pilot - The pilot sets the tone for all of the other episodes.
...A Title Sequence - often the most loved part. It's eye candy and ear candy.
...A Jingle - The right song makes your project memorable.
...A series guide - Like a brand guide, but with more moving parts
...Distribution - Will you use the SCORM Platform or Youtube? The method for sharing your cartoon will influence how your cartoon is made.
...Committing to a series guarantees that your project and your team will remain intact throughout the process.
We’d love to make a really unique cartoon with your company. Something your audience loves and looks forward to seeing over and over again.

Visit our animated series page to see some of the work we can make public.
Or call 929-397-2893 to learn about the cartoon series process right now.

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