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1. It's the top of the world of advertising.

A lot of major ad agencies and corporate marketing teams are based in New York City. So, our team and our contractors work for the biggest brands. We get access to incredible talent and inside information on the best and latest methods in corporate animation.

2. NYC is the most diverse city in the world.

Dreams are made in New York City for any person from any country or culture on the globe. We've hired actors so specific that they speak fluent Arabic and English with a Moroccan accent. Because of our location we are able to hyper-specialize for clients. And when a disaster hits a country, often someone on our block is from that country. New York's diverse people give us a unique perspective on the world.

4. New York City is filled with specific unique talent.

An enormous group of diverse and talented artists create jaw-dropping work around us every day. We've hired full-time repelling artists, full-time puppet makers, and full-time parkour artists. We also hang out with them. We watch football games together and get to call someone who just sang for the president our friend. Brushing shoulders with so many artists inspires us in our creatively every day.

3. NYC is also the highest in industry-diversity. 

Any type of business you can think of has a headquarters in New York City. From fashion to wielding, pharmaceuticals to food chains, finance to technology. This city has it all. We create from scratch for every industry from body staplers to Marvel's Avengers to Asteroid mining. One way we've been able to understand the wide-ranging needs of our customers is because they often have a headquarter right down the block.

5. New York City feels the pulse of the world.

Our city is often on the front lines of major news stories. Whether it is the ebola outbreak, the Pope's visit, the explosion of Angry Birds, or crowdsourced-funding like Kickstarter, something world changing is always happening just down the street. It all makes sense though. It's a big, big city. We commute to work with almost twenty million people every day. We're proud to work in New York City--the largest city in the U.S. and the most diverse community in the world.

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