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Four factors go into a video’s cost

1. Quality
2. Quantity (number of minutes)
3. Style and
4. Speed of schedule

The first is Quality.  


Quality = details. The more details the more cost. What kind of details? Well it’s More of everything. Compare these videos side by side. Some videos will be static while other videos will have constant motion and lots of detail. One video is low quality while the other is high quality. The higher quality video is more expensive. We’ve found the more a video costs the more effective or the more sales it makes for its business.

2. Quantity.


Quality is tied to Quantity. The longer a video gets the thinner your quality gets. The shorter your video is the higher your quality gets. A good studio will compact your script so you can get the highest quality.

Finally the fourth is the speed of your schedule

Our studio can finish projects in 1 week.
But to do that, we need to pay our artists overtime. An ideal schedule is 6 weeks

So those are the four factors in every explainer video’s cost...

Visit our costs page at or call us at 929-397-2893

3. Style


Whiteboard Animation is cheap. There is less color and Less detail. Motion graphics are mid cost. They have more color and motion. And 3D animation is the most expensive.

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