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We breakdown how to make an explainer video in 6 steps, and we do it with a song. While this song maybe silly we are dead serious when it comes to how to produce an excellent explainer video. See the steps in text format below. Warning: you may find yourself singing when the song is over.

6 Steps, to making a video, that makes you into a hero.

Step 1

is you and what you know will keep your message true

Step 2

See if your story is better told through an allegory or a diagram or a metaphor or is your message more straightforward

Step 4

Your message is the key to find the style that you need cartoon motion graphics or 3D the perfect style supports your story

Step 3

How long do you need to fully tell your story?
30 seconds, 2 minutes, or multiple episodes?
Deliver your message, not video overload 

Step 6

Which studio to pick?

A great studio... quickly delivers
A great studio... always listens to you
A great studio... has the perfect solution
No matter what we’re going through

And together
We’ll make you
Feel like a hero

Yeah we make it easy
To make you a video hero!

Step 5

Add your length and your style and you’ll arrive

(In 6 Steps) 

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