How Much Does Animation Cost?

  • All storyboard revisions
  • 1000s of voice, song, and sound effect options
  • Script writing with client provided rough draft
  • Video ownership
  • Around-the-clock project management
  • No hidden fees, no surprises
  • Completely original animation
  • Our thirty member in-house army of artists
  • Your project done right the first time
  • Finally, we make you look like a rockstar!






Our experienced team and smart workflow help us make the most of any budget. Our animation costs cover everything your video needs for final delivery, including a director, artists, animators, 1000s of voice options, 1000s of song and sound effect options, styleframes, storyboards, our visual archive, and video ownership.

Our animation costs range from $2,500 - $25,000+ per minute. See the examples above for the various levels of production details. At the end of the project, we hand over a polished video, ready for use on your website, meetings and conferences, social media, email newsletters, or TV spots.

Whether your project is large or small, your first video or your 100th video, our team is ready for the job. Fill out the quick form below or give us a call at (929) 397-2893 to speak with a kick-off producer about your video, budget, and timeline.


Your Script

We have award-winning screenwriters on our staff, and free script consulting and editing are included in our rates.

We offer 2 meetings with a client-provided rough draft. This includes script consulting, making the script conversational, and weaving in the character journey.

(NOTE: 125 words can be spoken in a minute)

Need more help with your script? Hire a writing pro

$500 - Includes an award-winning script writer, 2 meetings with the writer, and 2 drafts of the script (3 minutes or less). For needs extending beyond 3 minutes, this $500 package applies.

We also offer translation services for any language. Our work has been translated into 50 languages and counting.

Production Schedule

Our normal turnaround time is 5-6 weeks from initial script to finished product. Our production schedule can be expedited to meet almost any delivery timeline.

Week 1
Script review with producer

Week 2
Producer sends style frames

Week 3
Producer sends storyboard

Week 4
Show moving storyboard + Animation (work in progress)

Week 5
Final Animation is delivered!