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What Separates A Good Explainer Video From A GREAT One?

great-videoYou may be aware of how explainer videos can be a part of your online marketing repertoire, but they are only effective if done right. Fortunately, there are easy ways to take your content from good to great and separate yourself from your competition. Check out these tips on making your video really stand out from the pack.

A great explainer video maintains brand consistency without bombarding the viewer with logos. A cardinal rule of online marketing is avoiding the sales-speak that irritates and annoys your target audience, so it’s best to avoid splashing your company’s name and logo all over the video. The best way to reach your prospects is to keep your message clear and make appropriate connections with your brand. You’d rather have them see you as an expert in your industry than be able to recite your company’s motto.

The best explainer videos stay around one-to-two minutes in length. It’s no secret that consumers have a very short attention span, especially when it comes to consuming video. Of course, you need to engage them early on in your explainer, but keeping them on the hook for the first ten seconds doesn’t mean they’re going to stick around for several minutes. Create explainer videos of approximately one-to-two minutes, breaking them into multiple segments if you run too long on time.

Effective explainer video content starts with a great script. Developing the text and outline that you’ll present during your video is important for a number of reasons. First, it helps you stay on track with the topic you’re discussing. You’ll lose viewers if you veer off into tangents that don’t interest your viewers or confuse them. Second, a great script will help you stick with your goal to keep the video under two minutes. Make cuts or stretch material if necessary to hit your target.

The greatest video avoids competitor bashing. You might have a plethora of reasons why your company and products are better than your competition, but explainer videos are the place to take the high road. That means avoiding trash talk, obviously, but it also means avoiding comparisons or even mentioning another company’s name. Keep the focus on your business and how you solve problems.

Like most types of online content, a great explainer video will directly address customer needs. This type of content is not the place to tell your viewers what you think they should know about your company. Your prospects are looking for ways to ease their business pain, learn more about a particular topic, or educate themselves on products. Give them what they want.

A top notch video will be shareable across all social platforms. It's one thing to rack up a high number of views on your explainer video; it's quite another when you encourage viewers to share your content via their own social media profiles. You'll increase your Web exposure exponentially and attract more site traffic if you make your video easy to share so there aren't any obstacles to spreading the word.

When you know how to elevate your good explainer video to greatness, you’ll get the attention of your prospects and convert more business. The main takeaway is to give them content they want, in a short format, with easy ways to spread the word.