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How Explainer Videos Can Give You an Edge vs. Competitors

ideaM_Ad_Dollar_powerIt’s no secret that explainer videos are one of the most effective marketing tools you have at your disposal, which is why everyone is saturating the Internet with this form of content. With this in mind, the primary question companies are asking is: “How can explainers give my business a competitive edge?” There are a few ways you can really make your organization shine through this type of content.

Explainer videos give you the opportunity to directly address your customers’ needs. The primary reason inbound marketing has been so successful is that it avoids the sales-y talk and tactics that can make traditional advertising methods less effective. Instead, your goal is to provide your target audience with the specific information they need to make buying decisions and educate them about your company’s offerings. An explainer video, by its nature, is the perfect opportunity to present content that is valuable to your customers. You can speak exactly to those topics your customers are researching and address their specific needs.
Your prospects like to keep it short and sweet. You lose almost half of your viewers if you haven’t caught their attention within the first minute of your video, so you can probably imagine how many leave by the two/three minute mark. An explainer video is intended to be short, between one and two minutes in length. If your video is longer, that may be a sign that you need to break it down into two or more segments in a series.

The conversational tone of an explainer video is more personal. Compared to other forms of online content, explainers allow you to be more casual in tone, thereby creating a personal connection with the viewer. Reading text that’s too relaxed can make your company come off as unprofessional or unsophisticated. An explainer video puts a face on the message you’re presenting, creating a more informal setting to which your potential customers can relate.

You can be a trendsetter, not a follower. The advertising industry has always been one where trends come and go quickly, and that phenomenon is even more evident when it comes to online marketing. What works today may be outdated in a matter of weeks, wasting your marketing budget and resulting in missed business opportunities. Explainer videos enable you to fight this trend as they’re a perfect format for setting your own trend in online marketing. The purpose of explainers is to keep the attention of viewers for a limited time, so creating unique content is the key to separating yourself from your competition. Set the trend instead of tagging along behind it.

An explainer video enables you to emphasize your brand without being intrusive. It’s well known that keeping your brand and message consistent throughout a video is more effective for converting leads than splashing your logo all over the content. Consumers are bombarded with a massive amount of advertising on a daily basis, so much that they eventually become immune and tune it out. Use more subtle methods of presentation to raise brand awareness and establish your company as a thought leader.

Now that you know exactly why explainers are so successful, it’s time to start using them to bring customers to your door. Keep these concepts in mind to boost your content above what your competition is churning out.