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Our relationship with Toddstreet merges the best of their industry knowledge and relationships with our creative talents and experience. The healthcare industry has specific challenges that we know and understand. Our experience navigating the complex nature of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries makes us a great agency partner.

During our latest project with toddstreet, we encountered some common challenges that needed swift, simple solutions.




Healthcare and pharmaceutical content can be dry. Keeping viewers attention while educating and informing is no easy task.

Our team uses creative visuals and easy to understand metaphors to engage audiences on complicated topics. Our latest project needed to demonstrate the complex issue of buyer and seller relationships in the healthcare market. We used simple, recognizable visuals that everyone knows.




Throughout many years of working with corporate clients around the globe, we have developed a knack for creating inclusive, ambiguous, non-offensive visuals and character styles that will pass legal hurdles. This is the cast of characters from a recent toddstreet pharma project.

Large organizations often need to be as inclusive as possible with visuals, characters, and narrative. For many creative teams, not understanding how valuable this is can cause delays and slow-downs, or worse yet, legal hang-ups that can put projects on hold or cancelled.

In our recent project,the original scene featured graphics that were not 100% accurate to the company history, and visual standards. This may have caused issues with the compliance team, so we changed the numbers, and cleaned up other potential pitfalls.

Following company standards and best practices is a very important part of working with large healthcare and pharma clients. Creating approachable scenes and scenarios while adhering to company standards can be difficult.




Our early storyboards for a recent toddstreet project showed visuals that favored a certain energy sector - so we replaced it with something more generic. This achieved the same visual and narrative goals, while quickly putting the client at ease.

Pharmaceutical and healthcare products have unique compliance and regulation issues that impact many aspects of the business, including sales and marketing materials.




Working with toddstreet has been a great experience for our studio and the toddstreet team. Our relationship has delivered another top notch product to their client. We look forward to the next animation project with their team.

"Thank you ideaMACHINE for making my job easier, and for making me look better in front of the client!"
        - Craig, toddstreet Productions

If you're a creative agency, or a brand in need of a professional and experienced agency partner, get in touch with our team today!

We are an eclectic group of directors, producers, designers, illustrators, and animators who can effectively communicate your message through an engaging animation or explainer video.

We love collaborating with smart, creative partners like toddstreet to create videos that make an impact!

toddstreet provides marketing communications that move audiences into action. They craft your message. Design the ideal platform to showcase it. Then deliver it with clear, robust, proven expertise, leaving your audience irresistibly engaged.

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