4 Reasons Why Digital Media Is Causing The Death Of Television

May 3, 2018

For Millennials and most modern consumers, television has been a key part of our daily lives — whether it’s looking forward to relaxing and watching a show after a long day at work or cheering on a favorite sports team during the playoffs. However, the rise of technology has changed the way people consume visual content, making it tough for television to compete with the digital world. Could television really be dying a long, slow death? Here are four reasons why digital media is causing the death of television and why marketers should ditch television for digital media.

1 - Money Better Spent

Not only is cable becoming increasingly more expensive compared to online streaming options, but the return on investment of traditional marketing is waning. Online marketing offers a plethora of targeted ways to reach an audience. For the first time since 2009, television ad spending in the United States dropped, while digital media had double-digit growth. This year, television’s share of the total United States media ad spend will drop from 33.9% to 31.6%, while digital ad spend will climb 18.7% to total $107 billion.

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5 Scientific Reasons Videos Lead to Successful Marketing

April 25, 2018

There’s actual science behind our attraction to moving pictures accompanied by voices or other audio, so it’s no accident that more than half of the world’s population watches videos every day. Here are five scientific reasons videos lead to successful marketing campaigns.

1 - Action and Movement Boost Attention Spans

Complicated processes, procedures and demonstrations are all great topics for video, and while other forms of content can describe these things, only a video can show them. Humans are drawn to action and movement, and providing visuals and imagery gives the brain a break from reading information. In fact, people who watch a video retain 95 percent more of a message compared to just 10 percent when reading text.

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The Power of Technology, Creativity, and an Entrepreneurial Mindset

April 25, 2018

Steve Day started his company ideaMachine Studio in the back of a New York church back in 2010. Within the first year, he considered cutting his losses and most of his team quit. Fast forward to present day, ideaMachine Studio now has a client list including Xbox, ESPN, and Dove.

The company offer motion capture and graphics, mixed media, 2D and 3D animation and live draw, it specializes in the service that began it all – whiteboard animation. Thriving on culture, imagination, and technology, ideaMachine Studio has helped clients grow from zero customers to a million in just a few years.

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6 Reasons Why Video Should Be Your Top Marketing Move in 2018

April 18, 2018

Many marketing professionals find themselves at the crossroads of figuring out whether to implement a video advertising campaign, and what type of results it will produce for the brand. It’s no secret that video has been on the rise for years now, and the influence videos have on customers’ purchasing decisions can no longer be ignored. Here are six reasons why video should be your next marketing move.

1 - Videos Convert Sales

Engaging prospective customers is crucial when turning leads into sales. Having a video to watch rather than just a text description for a product helps give the customer that final push to click ‘purchase.’ Amazon and eBay, two of the most prominent names in the online marketplace, report that adding a video to a product description increases the chances of a customer buying that product by up to 35 percent.

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New York-Based ideaMACHINE Studio Opens Washington D.C. Office

April 12, 2018

Award Winning Animation Studio Announces Opening of Third Office to Meet Market Demand

ideaMACHINE Studio, an award-winning, full-service creative video production studio with headquarters in New York, has opened a new office in Washington D.C. to accommodate growing demand in the market and reinforcing its commitment to providing exceptional client experiences. The D.C. office is ideaMACHINE Studio’s third location, following a successful opening in San Francisco in 2017.

With a substantial client base already in the D.C. market, establishing an office further expands ideaMACHINE Studio’s national footprint and supports the company’s growth strategy. ideaMACHINE Studio will spend the next 12 months focusing on visibility with current clients, such as World Wildlife Fund, the World Bank and Edelman, to name a few, while servicing new leads and creative opportunities.

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