Equinox - Getting the team to understand their healthcare options

Script & Concept Development

The HR team at Equinox reached out to us with a unique challenge: help them communicate their new employee healthcare options in a fun, and engaging way. We jumped at the opportunity to bring this message to life.

Equinox has a very distinctive visual identity, so we used their strong color palette and bold look as the starting point for the feel of the project.



Design Development

We ran through several iterations of the Equinox team and facility settings, and ended up going with the simplest version of the characters, and clean textured look for the gym itself. We also choose a simple color palette that would compliment the Equinox brand.

staff-1.jpg character design5-edited.jpg train 2-1.jpg scene 5_peter_pose edited.png


equinox-gym.jpg empty-gym2.jpg



Before the animation could happen, we needed to decide how the story was going to unfold. The storyboard process moved quickly from the script and rough sketches to a full storyboard. Once everything was approved by Equinox, the animators could make the sharp looking visuals come to life. From the characters to the script, and even the backgrounds, we worked with Equinox to make sure every image fit their brand.

Equinox1.jpg eq2.jpg


gif2.gif gif1.gif


Final Videos

Following the assembly with music and sound effects, we delivered the final animation in both English and Spanish. The videos are now available for all Equinox employees to get a better understanding of their healthcare options.

Healthcare Options - English

Healthcare Options - Spanish


We also did an even more specialized video for Equinox about their Premier Plan. The benefits differ, and Equinox wanted to highlight just why employees might be more interested in this specific plan rather than others.

Premier Plan - English

Premier Plan - Spanish




Ryan Geiger

Account Managere
Justin Le

Voice Over
Barbara Jimenez & Lauren Ruff

Rich Chapple

Art Direction & Illustration
Ivan Alkhovskiy

Ryan Geiger and Rithy Pou

3D Animation & Compositing
Ivan Alkhovskiy, Michael Mack and Steven Taikina

Daniel Benford, Rithy Pou, Hannah Rayve, Steven Taikina, and Jake Wincek

Sound Design
Ryan Geiger

Original Music