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ideaMACHINE studio is looking for a full-time Video AD Copywriter. We create online ads and “explainer videos” for B2B sales, HR Training, Pharma, and Healthcare. We make complicated subjects easy to understand for companies like New York Life Insurance, Amgen, the Federal Government, and Autodesk.


  • Convert PowerPoint presentations into video ads.

  • Craft Branding bullet points and language into.

  • Find a company's metaphor or through-line.

  • Client Wrangling.


  • 3 years of video copywriting experience.

  • Client Wrangling experience.

  • Agency experience.

  • Link to your website and examples of your work.

  • Navigate clients


Let us know how you have navigated clients as that is also a big part of the work.

Pay is $50 an hour. Work would be freelance, on a project by project basis, with an average of 6-15 hours of work a month.

Since we can't see your work over the phone, please email your resume to:

Thanks and good luck!



or email jobs @ note: we check submissions infrequently.

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