Medical Arts Radiology

“The response to the ads has been amazing. All of our clients are talking about it. They are calling us the Skeleton doctors now.”
- Medical Arts Radiology

Medical Arts Radiology, a Long Island-based radiology group teamed up with ideaMACHINE Studio to hit the funny bone with it’s audiences, totaling seven separate ads to date. Their recent ad below won the People's Telly Award without our knowing it! The ad was voted the winner by regular viewers and users who visited the Telly Awards website - a true reflection of the popularity and effectiveness of our work. The ads have also spun off print and billboard campaigns.

The ads have been so successful that a radiology group in Texas tried to copy the ad and other radiology groups from other states in the process of licensing the Ad for their own use.

Medical Arts Radiology returned to create 4 more videos with us over the span of 3 years.


"We’ve been very impressed by your team. We just shared the English version on our Facebook page yesterday. It’s so far reach roughly 1,149,697 people (and growing) It has more than 9,460 likes, 6,700 shares, and 130 comments. Facebook tells us that individuals completed 95% of the video, which is great!"
- WWF (Together Possible)

The World Wildlife Fund is an international non-governmental organization founded on April 29, 1961, working in the field of the biodiversity conservation, and the reduction of humanity's footprint on the environment.

The World Wildlife Fund returned to create another video with us a year later.


"Went over well is an understatement. They loved it. Thank you all for your hard work."
- Intel

It was vital for Intel's new channel strategy to be presented in the right way, and we valued their decision in selecting us among the market-leading studios to deliver the message. As with all our clients' videos, much work and many days were dedicated to the project by our first-rate animators.

We were very excited to hear that our video for the revenue sharing project between Intel Channel and McAfee was met with enthusiasm and tales of success, and were thrilled to hear of how well received it was.

This is our second video made for Intel within a year, and we made it in 14 different languages.


In the summer of 2015 ACUE (the Association of College and University Educators) came to our Whiteboard Animation team seeking to make a single animation that would educate and engage their course takers. Over the next year we ended up producing 28 more videos for their online classes.

These aren't your typical whiteboard animations - most animations we produce are usually 1-3 minutes in length, but these videos ran almost 10 minutes, and we had to produce them with the same schedule at the 1 to 3 minute videos. It was definitely a test for our team to get the videos done in time, but we came up with a streamlined production process and delivered each video before deadline.


Click HERE to see the full ACUE case study.