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Brian Russell


  • 929-397-2893

After studying Traditional Animation at Pratt Institute, Brian began his career as an animator at Cartoon Pizza on the award winning "Pinky Dinky Doo", from Jim Jinkins, creator of Nickelodeon's Doug. He continued on in animation with stints at Animation Collective, Animagic, and the NFLRZ online game site for kids.

After 5 years spent in the advertising world via LBi US, he left to co-write, illustrate and self-publish his first children's book with his wife Kimberly as The Gnome Workshop.

By day Brian uses his wide array of animation, illustration and design skills at ideaMachine Studio. By night he is Batman. Ok, he's not Batman, but he does continue to write, create and work towards bringing his unique vision and ideas to children's entertainment.

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