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Why People Share Explainer Videos and the Magic Behind Their Power to Connect | ideaMachine Blog

magicBehind every action we take there is an underlying motivation. We study psychology so as to truly understand why we as groups or individuals make decisions. When it comes to using social media, the same rules apply, as we rely on triggers to compel others to share content. So what compels people to share video content online? The psychology behind sharing can answer that question. 

Sharing satisfies various self-interests: 

It’s fundamental human nature that we act with our own best interests in mind most of the time, but doing so takes different forms. By forwarding a video on a social network, a user might be attempting to increase status among professional peers, thereby earning the respect of those he or she holds in high esteem. Of course, financial and pseudo-financial motivation may also play a part if there’s a reward or other benefit to be gained.

It’s easy to share an explainer video:

When it comes down to it, we’re pretty lazy creatures, especially online. Any action or interaction that requires too much work is likely not worth our time, but we have no problem with one-click sharing. Social media platforms all feature a share function of some sort though the terminology may differ. When it’s easy to spread the word, users will jump on board.

A video share appeals to our sense of altruism: 

Though it parallels self-interest, we share content with others who we think will appreciate or benefit from the material contained within it. Of course, we cloak it under the guise of selflessness or philanthropy for humankind. But we really share information with our social network because we want to feel that we’ve done a good deed. It’s the sense of self-satisfaction that motivates many users to forward explainer videos, but the fact that the benefit goes both ways adds to the popularity of sharing.

We like to feel connected: 

Once upon a time, we spent many hours a day with a hefty amount of human interaction. At work, people sat down with co-workers during meetings, bouncing ideas off each other. Today, we conduct teleconferences online and use email to exchange information. So any activity that enables us to feel a sense ofinterconnectivity with human beings gives a sense of community. Sharing content, including explainer videos, gives us that congenialconnectedness – especially when friends respond with feedback.

We’ll share an explainer video on topics we’re passionate about: 

If you’re enthusiastic about a certain topic, you want to tell the world with the hopes that they’ll feel the same way. Sharing is your way of imparting that passion to others and initiating the conversation among fans that share your views.

We can’t ignore the psychological power of sharing content, especially video. You can’t fight human nature or deny the triggers that induce prospects to spread the word on something they find intriguing. Therefore, we as content marketers must understand psychology basics and incorporate them into our strategic planning. It’s time to appreciate the countless benefits to be gained by understanding sharing behavior and put psychology to good use.


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