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Why People Respond to Explainer Videos (their unique value)

video-marketingYou have a wide range of tools at your disposal when planning an online marketing approach, and there’s something for everyone in your target audience. Some people prefer to read text or listen to a podcast, but a large number of consumers prefer to view explainer videos when they’re researching products and services. There are several reasons why this type of content is unique, and that’s a large part of their appeal.

Viewers prefer shorter explainer videos over longer format content. The most effective explainer stays close to around one-to-two minutes; a range intended to take advantage of user behavior when viewing videos. Statistics show that 20% of your target audience will click away in ten seconds or less if the material doesn’t interest them. Even worse, almost half will be gone before the one-minute mark, and 60% leave within two minutes. Aim to keep your explainer video to around 90 seconds if you want to earn complete views.

Explainer videos show your product or service in action. You can go to great lengths to describe your company’s offerings and tell your prospects how they can solve their business pain, but it’s more effective to show them. Whether they don’t fully understand how your product works or they’re simply doubtful that it performs as intended, visible evidence goes further than text. You’ll earn their trust when you can stand behind your claims.

You’re better able to highlight your personality through explainers. As much as you try, you simply cannot create the right mood with casual, conversational content in text formats. Instead of coming across as friendly and approachable, you can sound unprofessional or tacky. Video, however, is the perfect medium for allowing your personality to shine. While you still need to stick to a script in order to stay on topic in an explainer video, you can take a more easygoing tone. This approach enables you to create a connection with viewers, the first step in earning their trust.

Prospects better retain information on your product and company through video. Studies have shown that most people only remember around 10% of what they hear as compared to 50% or more when information is presented in visual formats like video. Since many of your prospects aren’t ready to buy, you want to make sure that your content is memorable enough to bring them back when they are ready to make purchasing decisions.

You can increase your audience’s understanding of your company/product through explainer videos. In your own experience with researching products and services, you’ve probably discovered that you don’t truly “get” what’s being offered when you read text. There are certain processes or functions that just aren’t effectively transmitted to the brain by the written word; hence, your target audience loses interest. Explainer video is much more efficient at communicating these details and can transmit within a few seconds more than you can in three pages of text.

Knowing why people respond so positively to explainer videos puts you in a better position to create engaging content that appeals to your prospects. The video can go much further than text when you're attempting to communicate certain concepts, and they score well with those who prefer to consume content visually. Explainers should be a part of any well-rounded, online marketing plan.


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