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Why Create an Explainer Video (vs. other types of video)

explainer-videoIn the online marketing world, the different types of video are almost as numerous as the types of online content tools. However, the explainer video has proven to be one of the most effective tactics, rising to the top among other similar formats. Here’s why.

An explainer video is an excellent means of storytelling. Considering the huge number of online marketing messages your audience sees every day, it makes sense to show them your story rather than tell them. But explainer videos go a step further than other types of content, because they can condense information into a conversational format that’s more easily consumed by the viewer. Having a great story isn’t of much use if you can’t tell it in a way that your prospects will understand.

Explainer videos clarify your company’s offerings. Attempting to read and make sense of highly technical language and processes can be frustrating, even if you’re an expert in your industry and familiar with the jargon. Sometimes it’s better to clarify your company’s product or services by demonstrating what you can do and how your product or service can help solve problems. Explainers are ideal for communicating details that don’t always translate well in print.

Explainers increase your sales conversion. Various studies indicate that anywhere from 85-90% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product if they viewed an explainer video first. Online retailers report that sales increased 20% or even tripled when they included a video to help describe a product’s functions.

Video helps your prospects retain your content. If you become irritated when someone doesn’t listen to what you say or ask, keep in mind that this isn’t something he or she can necessarily change. Wharton Research Center has found that most of us retain only 10% of what we hear, but we remember up to half of what we see visually. Video helps your potential customers remember your company, what it offers and why they should consider a future purchase.

An explainer video is easy to share. Think about how you share text content, and you’ll soon realize the advantage of explainer videos. If you want to distribute a blog post to your followers on social media, you either need to copy and paste the text itself or insert a link to the page, which may enable you to share little more than a thumbnail. Sharing a video allows your prospects to share richer, more engaging content that will be disseminated to other potential customers.

Your customers prefer the shorter explainer video format. You don't enjoy sitting around for long format videos, so you can be sure that your potential customers don't either. A typical explainer is ideally around one-to-two minutes, an amount of time that most of your target audience is willing to invest for engaging content. As long as you grab their attention during the first few seconds, you're likely to keep them around as compared to videos that last much longer.

Even once you’ve decided to bring video into your company’s marketing fold, you’ll need to drill down to exactly what format you’d like to concentrate. Considering these advantages of explainer video over other types, you can see why it’s so popular among consumers looking for information online. Appeal to your prospects by giving them what they want.


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