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Where Will the Video Reside and Why?

Even after you’ve expended considerable time, money and effort in creating the most amazing, engaging video that speaks to your target audience, you still have to decide where it will reside to get the most exposure. You have many options, any of which would be a smart choice depending on your marketing goals. Check out a few of the more popular sites where you can embed your video to boost the number of views.


It’s hard to come up with a reason not to give your explainer video a home at YouTube. It’s free to use, boasts the most videos and viewers globally and – as a Google-owned service – includes features that are familiar and high-quality. Because you’re able to create a profile, you can attract followers and establish a fan base. You can even see how your video is performing with basic analytics and statistics on the number of views. While you’re facing steep competition among viewers on this enormously popular site, it’s easy to cross-post between YouTube and other sites to increase your exposure.


It’s all about the creative at Vimeo, with the artistic component of explainer videos being the focus. In fact, you’re prohibited from posting content that has a commercial element, among other types of material. That’s not to say you can’t make a commercial impact when posting your videos here; rather, you just need to be focused in what you present. Stick to material that’s educational and entertaining, but keep in mind the subtle ways you can keep your company brand and message consistent.


It may not have the numbers of YouTube, but Metacafe still brings in approximately 40 million unique viewers every month. The edge over Google’s video service is that it features a narrower focus, enabling you to be more effective in reaching out to a targeted audience. Metacafe is all about the shorter format that’s definitive of explainer videos. Their “About” page stresses that the ideal video should be approximately 90 seconds long.


Because it’s more professional in nature, LinkedIn is not always the best site for your explainer video’s residence. However, considering this platform’s features with groups and networking capabilities, you can’t discount it. LinkedIn is actually one of the top 25 websites worldwide as far as usage, and it’s quickly on the rise. Adding a video to your profile can increase exposure to your network of professionals, so it’s a logical choice. You can also share your content with groups and ask for comments and anecdotes.


Explainer videos, by their nature, are excellent channels for showcasing products and demonstrating their capabilities. That’s why Instructables, with its concentration on how-to’s and tutorial videos, is the ideal platform for your video to call home. The site uses visual content in a step-by-step format, with text instructions along the way where necessary. That means video captions that include trending keywords can be used to boost your SEO. Like most of the other options on this list, there’s a section that allows viewers to make comments.

No matter which platform you choose, the decision about where the video will reside should be considered an essential component of the video production process – not an afterthought. Invest a portion of your resources in determining the best option.