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What’s the Objective of the Video Project? (why create a video vs. other content marketing?)

16997637_sWhen you have a myriad of online content marketing options to choose from it can be overwhelming to decide what works best and fits your company’s advertising budget. The solution is quite simple, however; just pick the form of content that provides the most bang for your buck. The facts and figures point to video as making the biggest impact on your target audience, so consider these reasons why it makes more sense than other formats.

The number of Internet users that consume video content daily is staggering. A study by Cisco reveals that video content will account for over two-thirds of all consumer Web traffic, and on-demand video will almost triple in size. The Internet has become the primary media for consumers seeking both information and entertainment, so failing to include it in your marketing strategy is a huge mistake.

Video boosts your SEO more than other forms of content marketing. It does you no good to create engaging content if your target audience can’t find it, and video increases the chances they’ll come across your company when searching. Put simply, the more content that matches a search term, the higher you’ll rank on the search engine results page. Engines search both code and text, which means your video is – in a sense – “seen” twice by them.

Work-related video is watched weekly by a large number of corporate executives. A study conducted by Forbes among senior level company heads reports that almost 70% of them prefer watching video content to reading text. Of that percentage, half would seek additional information and 45% reported that they contacted a company after viewing its video content.

Many consumers prefer watching video to reading text. Not all of your potential customers like consuming content in the same way. Some prefer webinars, eBooks or podcasts, but the majority would rather view a video than read your content. For this reason, more companies of all sizes invest a greater portion of their online marketing budget on video. You want to position your content in a format that your prospects like, via sites where they're hanging out.

Those who view video about a product are more likely to buy it. When polled, 90% of shoppers in the online marketplace stated that they found a video to be helpful in researching products and making decisions about purchases. On the other side of the coin, online retailers who use video to demonstrate products or services stated that sales were higher as compared to offerings that did not feature this type of content.

Video marketing shows that you’re current and innovative. A quick look at statistics about online video establishes that it's the latest and greatest in internet marketing. By participating in this hot trend, it shows that you understand and appreciate the impact of video. Your customers see you as more credible if you're current in your industry as well as in your marketing strategy.

While these considerations make video a smart choice as compared to other types of content, you still need to decide what approach to take within the video category. Options include explainers, customer testimonials, executive interviews and day-in-the-life segments, among others. Try a few on for size and see what’s most appealing to your viewers.