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Video Advertising Beyond YouTube (yes there are options)

Everyone knows that YouTube is the most popular way to advertise video. So popular in fact that despite it only hosting video, it has become the second most popular search engine under Google. But don't think that YouTube is the only, or the best way for driving traffic to your video. Other platforms are actually better in reaching out to specific audiences because of their ability to better target desired audiences. Check out the alternative platforms below. 

Facebook: This social media site gains hundreds of millions of visitors every month, which you probably know since you’re on it daily, too. While it’s relatively new to the video ad market, Facebook has recently become one of the top players. It allows video sharing of YouTube links, but it also enables users to upload videos directly to the site. And with the new auto play feature, you’ll capture the attention of more of your target audience as well.

Hulu: Try as they may, broadcast TV has been ineffective at trying to keep their programming out of programming sites. Hulu is the answer for the frustrated networks worried about pirating, as they can partner up with the site rather than try to fight the trend. Channels can deliver their own content in its entirety and maintain high-quality standards – as opposed to illegally uploaded videos.

Current TV: This site is online TV with a twist. Most other channel websites post television content on their sites so users can view what they may have missed; Current TV only posts content uploaded by its own users, in a format that emulates the television viewing experience. Video content can be viewed and rated by the community. Material that earns the most votes goes on the TV “channel.” As a resource for independently produced video ads, it offers an excellent opportunity to assess engagement from viewers.

Vimeo: Boasting more than 70 million new visitors every month, Vimeo demonstrates great potential for video ads because of its huge audience. Many users are amateur or semi-pro videographers and producers, which means the site is home to high quality, creative content that tends to be promoted to the front page – attracting new visitors. Vimeo is also a smart choice as a video hosting site, offering pricing plans that work with varying budgets.

5 Min: True to its name, this site is all about presenting informative material intended to educate viewers in a short amount of time. Many internet users are searching for “how do I [insert activity here]” will eventually make their way to 5 Min to view a video that answers their question. This platform is especially effective for marketers seeking a channel for video ads because it holds great potential for native marketing. Viewers are already looking for information on a certain topic, so presenting ads related to that content is far less annoying than display ads.

YouTube isn’t the only site your target audience is hanging out on, so it’s wise to expand your horizons and check out a few other options. You’ve put a lot of time and money into producing your video, so you must do everything you can to make sure your prospects find it – and that means going beyond YouTube for video advertising.