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Telly Award Winners Three Years Running!

Posted by Ben Capitano

We just won the People's Telly award and we didn't even know we had entered the competition! 

The Telly is an award that goes to the commercial voted by the public as their favorite. The interesting thing is most of us at the studio didn't even know we had entered the competition! So, the commercial was undoubtedly the public's favorite. That makes us Telly Award winners for three years now from our first win in 2013 to now in 2015! Below is the commercial that won. 


 The campaign has been so successful other companies are paying Medical Arts to relicense the commercial in other states; another company tried to rip off their own version of the commercial in Texas; we have made billboards and bus wraps for the campaign; and they have received so much business, we have now collaborated on seven of the same ad campaigns! 

We are so thankful for the continued business with many of our clients. Do you have an idea? 




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