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Jingle Bells and Increased Sales - All From YouTube...

Posted by Steve Day
YouTube ad

Christmas shopping online is a major source of revenue.

Video ads are among the most powerful marketing tools out there, especially on YouTube. But YouTube is hoping to amplify their power even more, by giving businesses even more tools to get customers to click through and buy for the holidays.

Shopping Online

YouTube has built two tools to make video ads even more powerful for businesses, TrueView and shopping ads. Shopping ads are the simpler of the two; it's simply pairing the right ad with product review and unboxing videos. It may sound obvious, even simplistic, but there's real power in being tied to video reviews.

Unboxing videos alone can rack up tens of millions of views, depending on the topic, and some channels can collect millions of followers any business wants to get in front of. Depending on the category, even an "average" review of a product can collect thousands of views, with popular review channels anchored either by magazines or YouTube personalities bringing in millions of views consistently. Look no further than the single most popular YouTube personality, PewDiePie, who built his empire on the back of letting other people watch as he played video games.

TrueView is a bit more complex. In a way, it's the realization of the marketing "dream of the future" where you can buy the products you see on television. Essentially, a TrueView ad allows consumers to click on video ads for products and be taken directly to the shopping page. It sounds like a subtle change from the typical clickable YouTube ad, but in truth, it's an important change.

TrueView ads take the "friction" out of shopping. With each page a potential customer has to click through to buy your product, the odds of your landing the purchase drops precipitously. Even just a second page to click through can lead to abandoned online shopping carts and lower sales. TrueView can erase that, especially with careful placement of the "buy" button; Google claims that Wayfair, which tested out the TrueView technology, saw revenues triple.

These are some powerful tools, but what matters is how you use them. So how can you combine TrueView and shopping ads and get the most out of them?

YouTube ad

Don't miss out on the holiday shopping.

Shopping For Ads

The best way to combine them is to carefully evaluate what you're selling and what audience that you most want to reach. The main reason a video campaign underperforms is that the product and the audience are poorly matched. If you're selling pots and pans, you don't generally want to find your ads in front of reviews of car parts.

Remember, video ads are effective because they allow you to target narrowly to just the audience you want. Take a close look at what customers have bought in the past and crunch the numbers; for the video you want to put yourself in front of, you want the product they can't resist clicking.

Finally, remember that the rules of video ads still apply. The more dynamic, creative, and stylish your video ads are, the more customers they'll attract and the more sales you'll pull in.

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