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The Marvel Experience Chooses ideaMachine Comic Book Animation Studio | ideaMachine Blog

ideaMachine studio is proud to announce our involvement in The Marvel Experience: The World’s First Hyper Reality Tour. In conjunction with our sister studio, MocapNYC, we animated Marvel’s greatest heroes, including Captain America, Thor, and Spiderman for the interactive experience.

Alicia Lutes at the Nerdist got a first look:

Perhaps more exciting than all of that, though, is just how much is going into the whole affair, and just how mind-bendingly explosive the whole affair looks. It’s like P.T. Barnum and Stan Lee had a baby via a Disney World from 2053. The seven dome structure has forced them to think outside the box in several literal and metaphorical ways — which means it’s sure to melt your brains — in a good way.

Visit for tour dates, and if your company is looking for something similar, drop us a line at ideamachinestudio@gmail.com

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