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How Will the Explainer Video Be Promoted? Website, Social, YouTube?

social-media-488886_640You might think that your task is complete after you shoot, edit and finalize that masterpiece explainer video you’ve invested time and money preparing. The bad news is that your job isn’t over, as you still need to promote the video so that your target audience actually sees it. The good news, however, is that you have many options to choose from to get your content out there.

Promoting via YouTube

It may be second globally in the category of most used search engines, but YouTube is still the best site to upload explainer videos. Plus, it’s owned by the company holding the #1 spot: Google. Make the most of your video with a couple of tips on promoting it.

Optimize your video title for SEO. Just as you would do when writing blogs, website copy or other text-based content, you need to embrace SEO principles when giving a title to your video. Include trending keywords to make sure your video is found by those who will get the most value out of it.

Include the right details in the video description. The descriptive information contained in the caption to your video is also an ideal spot to gain some exposure. Here again, use appropriate keywords for SEO purposes; however, don’t go overboard so that the search engines shun your content. Also, insert a link to your website and social media profiles. When doing so, don’t forget to include the “HTTP” extension so that YouTube automatically hyperlinks to it.

Pay for YouTube pre-roll ads. One of the fastest ways to get views of your video is to pay for ad promotion. Ranging in price from $.08 to $.20 per impression, these ads make sure to get your content in front of your prospects. For best results, create two target groups:

1. Topics: Your video will turn up as related content when someone watches a video covering similar content.

2. Interests: Your content will be promoted when it’s related to the video topics trending with a particular viewer.

Sharing on Facebook

You can’t overlook the number one social media site when it comes to getting views for your video, so make sure to include Facebook in your promotion efforts. Both individual pages and profiles you set up specifically for your company are ideal locations. Share your explainer videos with your friends and add the videos to your status updates to ensure everyone sees them. Many videos have gone viral simply due to the exponential effect of sharing, which makes Facebook a valuable marketing resource. Include tags for people, your company and other businesses as appropriate.

Posting on Pinterest

Uploading your video to this social media site is free and easy to do, making it a popular choice for companies with a lower marketing budget. The benefit to using Pinterest for video promotion is that your potential customers can view your content directly from within the platform instead of being re-directed to another site. Some viewers lack the motivation to click through, leading your company to miss out on business opportunities.

Of course, there are many other options out there for promoting your explainer video. The point is to make sure you promote your video so that your target audience sees it, and it doesn’t just end up in one place. It’s up to you to decide which methods are the best fit and what you’re comfortable working with.

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