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Curious about how much a web animation video will cost?

There is a lot that goes into the cost of an animated video. Below we will consider all the necessary parts that bring together an effective, made for web, animated video.How Much do Animated videos cost?


What makes up the cost?

Just like any production, when you have an animated video made you also get an entire production team that helps bring your story to life. Here are the most typical team members required:

  1. Copywriter/ Screenwriter
  2. Creative Director
  3. Actors
  4. Audio technicians
  5. Music Licensing
  6. Illustrators
  7. Animators
  8. Computer Techs and
  9. A Producer to manage the project from A to Z

Why are some animations more expensive than others?

You know how the hourly rate of Lawyers or Consultants varies well so does the cost of Artist hours. What affects those rates even more are a number of special effects that happen per second in a video like...

  1. Detailed imagery
    Medical Arts Video
  2. Quick complicated movements
  3. Special animated effects
  4. Sound effects
  5. Musical flourishes
  6. Unique music
While voice over and script writing play a large role in the success of the animation their cost is actually minimal as it pertains to the total budget. Another determinant of animation expense is competition within the animation industry. Currently competition is steep and any studio that lasts will squeeze the most they can out of every dollar. 

Should I pay for an animated video?

To answer that question we should simply look back at history:

  • The 1980s brought us the invention of the postcard. The postcard was better than the phone book because it could say more and it was sure to get a viewers attention. It put a professional face right in front of viewers. In time, however, the mailbox filled with postcards.
  • The 1990s  brought us the invention of the website. It was better than the postcard because it could say more. It distributed endlessly at minimal cost. And, it put a professional face right in front of viewers. In time, however, the internet filled with websites.
  • The 2000s brought us the invention of internet video. It was better than a website because the viewer only had to click. It distributed endlessly, at minimal cost. And, it put a professional face right in front of viewers. In time, however, the internet filled with videos.
  • Now we have the invention of special effects and animation. They are better than video because they can say more. They distribute endlessly, at minimal cost, and, they put a more memorable, even more professional face right in front of your viewers. So if you want to be ahead of your competition go with animation.

Why pay for "high-quality" instead of "low-quality" animation?

Low quality animation is will not give you the results a higher quality production will. Just think about the differences between Polyester and Cashmere. Similarly there are high and low quality animated videos.

Companies spend $15,000 per minute to $1,000,000's of dollars per minute on animations because they want to be perceived as professional and as ahead of their competition as possible. A market leading company needs to not only perform like the market leader they also need to be perceived as the leader. Perception is one of the reasons why companies spend so much money on Super Bowl commercials. The other cost factor is talent. The better, more successful talent will be in higher demand, get paid more and thus production costs go up. 

Bare in mind, your video will be your primary representative to the world. So you should be represented as the slickest, wittiest, most memorable representative around. 

As with most high-cost decisions, there is no one single definitive answer. As of right now the ability for small businesses to have videos made near the same production value as some big companies is closer than ever. subMachine studios is pleased to be apart of this movement helping make small businesses more successful!Let us help you! We have many National Award winning artists that want to work for you

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