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Happy Holidays From ideaMACHINE Studio!

Posted by Ian Smith

Every holiday season our team gets to work on Christmas and end of year videos for companies of all types. Our favorite this year was Santa's GE Digital Sleigh.

Ketchum and GE came to us with a rush project that had to be turned around in a couple of weeks!! This 3D project was a blast to work on, and a great final challenge of the year for our studio. Our team was surprised we pulled this project off considering the tight time frame and demands.

2016 was another great year for our studio, some highlights were:

  • Helping take steps towards curing cancer
  • Improving the lives of those living with incurable diseases
  • Explaining countless new innovations, we helped curb greenhouse gases
  • Strengthening and supporting businesses in America and around the world
  • Explaining healthcare to those that need it most
  • Bringing literature to children in poverty
  • Empowering educators
  • And forwarding technological progress

Thank you for trusting us with your project and supporting our artists,

     - ideaMACHINE Studio


Want a little behind the scenes of the GE Digital Sleigh 3D animation? Look no further:

The VP of Software Research for GE Digital, Colin Parris recorded the narration voice-over for this twist on the classic Night Before Christmas story.

Here's Colin giving a much deeper look into GE's tech, and how it's being deployed right now:


How the project came to life

_storyboards-26b.jpg santa3.png
_storyboards-18a.jpg sleigh2.png



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