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Facebook Unlocks New Doors for Video Marketing


Just when you think you’ve mastered all the ad distribution strategies available for video marketing, Facebook alters the playing field by opening new doors for marketers. But this is one of those rare times that change is a good thing in using the social media platform for advertising, as it makes way for innovative distribution channels that all marketers can use. Let’s take a look at the changes Facebook has made and best ways to take advantage of the new features.

The Facebook changes significantly impact the News Feed Facebook execs surveyed hundreds of thousands of users to find out where they could generally improve; they found out that most wanted to see more content from favorite Pages instead of promotional content. But since Pages were pushing the ads, it was difficult to separate organic content from promotions. Facebook responded by implementing new controls over the volume and content promoted by Pages, so the News Feed now includes more relevant information with which users are more inclined to interact. 

1. Understand new volume and content controls for promotional posts A company’s Page is still an essential channel for interacting with followers and potential customers, even after Facebook implemented volume and content controls on promotions. However, the changes more closely align with the original reason companies got on Facebook: It offers a free, easily maintained platform for developing an online presence. People can still learn about your business and share blog posts, videos, photos and other content. The fact that users were becoming frustrated with the superfluous promotional material is what inspired the changes – not the desire to eliminate the value of the Facebook Page. 

2. Implement posting best practices Facebook video ad options allow you to present your company to the right audience and make a statement with your posts for the people that want to connect with you. But you need to do your part by employing smart strategies for video posting: 

  • Consistency: Facebook followers love regular updates they can expect on topics that tie into your business, so it’s important to develop and stick to an editorial calendar. Figure out the best days to post and present information that matters most to your target audience.
  • Proper Targeting: You can adjust your settings to focus on certain prospects within a demographical group, such as age, location or language.
  • Freshness: Timely, relevant information is what appeals most to your target audience. Update your video ads on a regular basis to maintain their attention, and you’ll establish yourself as a thought leader with credibility.

3. Promote with Boosted Posts

Facebook now offers a feature that empowers you to make an even bigger impact with your video ads. All you need to do is click “Boost” on a promotional post to reach more of your prospects and gain new followers. You’ll drive more traffic and sales with information on new product launches and industry news.

It’s always a good thing when social media platforms like Facebook give marketers new tools for video and other content distribution. Learning about the features is the critical first step before putting them to use. Hopefully, the above ideas will inspire you to try new channels for ad distribution. And as always, closely examine your analytics to see what works for you.
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