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Explainer Videos vs. Other Types of Videos You Should Be Doing

videoExplainer videos are a useful tool in internet marketing as they provide an ideal platform for bringing customers to your door. Because you are providing useful information on topics of interest, you gain a potential customer’s trust far beyond what you could do by just selling to them. When viewed and shared, explainer videos also get the word out about your company, which helps to raise brand awareness. Explainer videos are not the only option, however, when it comes to using video to convert customers. Here are a few other ideas to consider.

webinar may be an excellent tool for zeroing in on topics your customers want to know more about. You probably already have the basics down for webinar videos, even though you didn’t realize it. During the process of long-form content creation, you typically identify a narrow topic that’s of interest to your potential customers -- some concept that helps them solve a problem or ease a business pain. Put these thoughts, resources, and information into video form, and you’ll have a useful webinar that interests your target audience.

Try a product review to highlight your company’s offerings. Your prospects don’t always have the time to dig deep into the details of the various products they’re thinking of purchasing. They may not have viewed an explainer video about your offerings and are putting off or avoiding a buying decision. Help them through the process and move them to the next stage of the sales funnel by doing the investigation for them. Videos presenting product reviews give more confidence to consumers as compared to just reading text.

Customer or industry testimonials are an excellent way to spread the word. Nothing speaks more highly of your reputation than a third party source unrelated to your company. Ask a few satisfied customers to provide thoughts on their experiences with your products and support after purchasing. You may have to offer an incentive in the form of discounts, which – as a bonus – means repeat business from them. As an alternative, you could also consider using the testimonial of an industry expert or colleague.

Company culture videos create a more personal connection. Turn the camera around and get some footage of your company culture to attract the attention of prospects. Consumers are often interested in what goes on behind the scenes at a business, especially if it’s one that they’re considering purchasing from.

Event video content instills trust by showing, not telling. No matter what industry you’re in, there are special events where your company maintains a presence. Bring the camera along next time you attend a trade show or convention and get some insight from other attendees. Have a few talking points or questions ready to guide the conversation in the right direction.

Guest interviews give a fresh perspective. The question and answer format of a guest interview is an ideal alternative to an explainer video as it provides a new way of looking at your industry from a voice other than your own. You can even release these interview videos as a weekly series to keep your customers tuning in.

Hopefully, you’re inspired to try a few of these ideas to bring some freshness and vigor to your video content. Use them alongside your explainer videos and other online marketing tools as a well-rounded strategy that will appeal to a larger audience.