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Can a Great Video Bring a Dry and Uninteresting Topic to Life?

Posted by Ben Capitano


A marketer's dream would be to always have the task of creating content on topics that are interesting enough to quickly capture the attention of their target audience. The bad news is that no one has that privilege all the time. Every industry unfortunately has its area where interest falls pretty low on peoples' radars. But nevertheless the message still needs to get out there. The good news is that while this scenario will always exist, the explainer video makes it possible to make a dry and mundane subject truly interesting. 

Adding a visual element takes a topic from weak to wow

Even people who love to read will go glassy-eyed when the subject matter doesn’t appeal to them. However, that doesn’t mean the topic shouldn’t be shared; it may just need some special treatment to spark interest. Explainer videos can breathe life into material that’s mundane, as the combination of images and animation give our brains something more to do. When the visuals are changing as they do in video, we automatically invest more of our attention to keep up. Hence, the message is driven home, and we’re more likely to continue viewing.

Images make even boring concepts more memorable

Studies have shown that people are more likely to retain information presented in explainer video form as compared to text-based displays. That’s a pretty powerful point when you consider that making your company and its brand message memorable is one of the most important goals of content marketing. It’s the format itself that enables viewers to recall the information you’re delivering, not the material - as boring or fascinating as it may be. You may not be able to change viewers’ minds about whether a topic is dreary, but you can bring it to life through an explainer video that helps them remember it.

Explainer videos are effective at making invisible concepts visible

People tend to find visual components useful when trying to get their heads around details or theories they can’t see. You can’t observe the workings of your heart and respiratory system, so it’s certainly more fascinating to view an explainer video about how your body works. Images and graphics help us understand invisible concepts because we can think of them spatially, as they might exist if we could see them. Some details are only tedious because we can’t visualize them, so introducing some order and organization makes them more interesting.

A video tells a bigger picture story compared to a sales pitch

One of the keys to an explainer video is that it can answer a question, give a demonstration or otherwise provide information that your target audience needs. This type of content intentionally avoids sales language because its goal is to deliver useful details and eventually earn the trust of a prospect. A sales pitch alone can be boring, so by using a value-added explainer video formula, you’re can take your subject matter to new, interesting heights. 

Don’t be daunted the next time you’re given a boring topic and need to come up with content that will blow your prospects’ minds. Turn to explainer videos as a tactic for delivering a memorable, captivating appeal, especially where your subject matter doesn’t. You can’t always change the story you need to tell, but you can do something about the presentation.


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