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2015 Top Ten Motion Graphics Videos


Below are the top ten Motion Graphics videos of 2015 created by agencies and studios that we admire. Enjoy! 

10. Capella "Flexpath - Big Aspirations" by CHRLX 

CHRLX excellently demonstrats the perils of striving for a career and presents Capella as a way to deal with these perils. This commercial motivates anyone considering the continuing ed degrees that Capella offers. CHRLX executed the animation flawlessly so that Capella is clearly presented as the market leader. 


9. Greenies from Blacklist

This ad could have easily been shot with real pets. But Greenies wanted an ad that wouldn't be easy to forget. Thankfully, they chose Motion Graphics! Like 101 Dalmations, a lot of thought went into the smallest motions of each pet and owner. 

8. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina by Buck.tv

An animated tale regarding America's senstive healthcare issues. This ad may seem simple, but every word and image has been carefully chosen. This animation was created by Buck and the Capstrat agency to much success.

7. Stand Up to Cancer by Thornberg and Forester

This animation is effective in its minimalism. It's amazing how abstract shapes and geometric lines can speak to your soul when they are paired with voice over. Thornberg & Forester created two distinct looks to bring SU2C to life. Since the issue was very personal and emotional to the team, they pitched the idea that the animation should end with shots of real survivors. The only issue this video has its need for good sound mixing on the voice over. 

6. Plants Are Our Friends by Click3x

Coca Cola wanted to introduce their new 100% recycleable bottle and they decided to do it with an original jingle. (side note: What happened to jingles? Why did they go away? Look futher in this top ten to see how jingles are making a powerful comeback.) Like most Motion Graphics projects, Coca Cola wanted to include a wealth of information spanning time, history, locations, and ... the earth! Click3X did an excellent job including everything Coca Cola wanted but in a simple format. Lots of details and elegance here convincing viewers that Coca Cola is the market leader. 

5. IBM Bones by 1st Ave Machine 

A fun-filled, cartoon bone-adventure healthcare practicioners love! Just when you ask yourself "where is this video going?", the cartoon drives home the point. The beauty of this Motion Graphic is its ability to handle all of the diverse points IBM wanted to address; do it specifically, and yet in a minimalistic approach that keeps the message of the video (and the comedy) in focus. 

4. Google Parisian Love from 1stAveMachine 

This animation is not from 2015. But we wanted to include it anyway because it is a classic. This wordless video demonstrates that it doesn't take a lot of "wizz-bang" to be effective. The most important aspect is a story. While this ad may seem simple, a lot of research went into it and the original score brings the emotion that will drive the viewer to action. After all, aren't we all searching for love?

3. Wonderfilled Anthem by Oreo, Lyrics and Music by Owl City

The greatest thing about this animation was the original music and lyrics by Owl City, losely based on the books "if you give a mouse a cookie" by Laura Numeroff. In 2015, jingles have definitely made a comeback. Today, they are more than just a jingle and are now memorable songs you want to play in your car or at home. While this animation may look simple, thousands of details have gone into each second, giving the animation a beauty like no other. The direction marries itself well with the rhythm and story found in the song. And despite the large budget, the project didn't lose its childish fun.

2. Eggsical for Subway by Hornet Inc

This spot is similar to Oreo's Wonderfilled Anthem above. It contains an excellent original score with witty lyrics. The ad is effective since every viewer is left with the key take-away: "Subway is offering breakfast." The animation is packed with side gags, thoughtful references, and poignent product features. The character animation is on point and the storyboards and direction take us to fun, significant places, ending with a dramatic resolve that will really crack you up. hmmm... Do you see an original-song theme developing? Perhaps it works. 

1. The New Moto G by Hornet Inc

Simply goregous. The music. The ad. The phone. This is what you do to demonstrate that you are a market leader. 


It's been an amazing year for motion graphics videos and online video in general! If you are interested in learning how you can make a video at an affordable rate for the highest quality, contact our Brooklyn studio today. 646-791-6345


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