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2015 Top Ten Corporate Videos


View the videos that made our list of the top ten corporate videos of 2015 - created by the agencies and studios that we admire. Enjoy! 

10. IBM - Datagrams by Buck 

IBM drove home that they are the market leader of statistics with a series of live infographics centered on the US Open. IBM, Ogilvy & Mather, and Buck were the team assembled for the project. The animations were delivered live during the tournament via Instagram. It was an excellent way to demonstrate their capabilities as it required a custom toolkit and workflow that could shift in real-time depending on what happened on-court. These responsive data-based animations, were rendered and uploaded in minutes. Infographics / Motion Graphics were the obvious tool of choice for the visuals as each line and motion is calculated by a computer. These animations are at number ten because there is no story here. It's just a series of great infographics. ;-)



9. How a Bean Becomes a Fart from Men's Health

So crude. Open a can of beans take a few bites and watch. This animation is very clean, highly technical, highly detailed, yet with a clear through-line, and one artists illustration style holds from the beginning to the end. Bravo! (pppfft ! oops...) 



8. 5in5 Security by IBM

A fun light-hearted animation about cyber theft. The style of each character and graphic is excellent and the voiceover and music are a lot of fun too. Oh! And more than anything the animation gets the message across for IBM.



7. Don't Worry, Drive On by the Post Carbon Institute 

This animation is just a lot of fun. A lot of work went into every frame from the colors, to each detail moving on screen, to the sound effects, and the spoken word. If we calculate all of those things, hmmm looks you'll experience 10,000 details in 2.5 minutes. Enjoy.



5. Originality by Vucko.tv

A series of famous quotes from  Pablo Picasso, Woodrow Wilson, Lincoln Steffens, Jim Jarmusch, Dieter Rams, Jean Luc Godard and others. The video challenges the viewer as all great quotes and videos do. The design is minimal in color and form, which helps it cover a wide range of businesses from culinary to fashion to music. The video is universal and simple.



4. Bay Area Teach For America by Buck 

One word comes to mind with this animation - passion. You can't watch this animation without hearing a passionate voice speaking to you. When it comes to marketing, passion is a huge part of the sale. If someone is passionate about what they believe in, they will drive you to take action. The other beautiful aspect of this animation is the attention to detail. Every animation arc, every character, every texture has been well thought out. Finally, there are the repeated visual motifs--triangles, bold lines, maps, and connections. The animation moves a bit fast, but fast moving animations are always better than slow ones. They speak to smart viewers and they make you want to hit play a second time.



3. Plants Are Our Friends by Click3x

Coca Cola wanted to introduce their new 100% recyclable bottle and they decided to do it with an original jingle. (side note: What happened to jingles? Why did they go away?) Like most Motion Graphics projects Coca Cola wanted to include a wealth of information spanning time, history, locations, and ... the earth! Click3X did an excellent job including everything Coca Cola wanted but in a simple format. Lots of details and elegance here convincing viewers that Coca Cola is the market leader. 



2. The New Moto G by Hornet Inc.

Simply gorgeous. The music. The ad. The phone. This is what you do to demonstrate that you are a market leader. 



1.  Ronald McDonald House Charities by Thornberg and Forester

The animation team did a great job with the emotional timing of this animation. With such an emotional story, it's important to build and release an idea to the audience. Thornberg and Forester also did a great job introducing a  new style we have never seen. We could say more about but, when it comes to blogging about videos, it's best for the video to do the talking. Take a look.



It's been an amazing year for online video! If you are interested in learning how you can make a video at an affordable rate for the highest quality, contact our Brooklyn studio today at 646-791-6345.


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