Saving A Series

The Lisa Movement was looking for a new partner to help spread the word on the sexy side of the construction industry. They had worked with 2 other studios before ours, and were let down by the final products. 

Our team was excited to take on the challenge, and work with The Lisa Movement to tell their exciting and important story. The issues we had to overcome were self evident by the short comings on the earlier work. Our studio has the experience and expertise to tell the Lisa Movement story in a fun and compelling way.

Challenge Solution


The pacing and concept of the project were completely lost to the other studios that tried to make this animation. There was no room for the characters to breathe or tell the story.


Our award winning team starts with the narrative & characters, then builds the project around that spine. We find those early decisions bring a story to life, one that would not be possible by just focusing on the visuals, or the animation style.

Challenge Solution

Low quality sound can ruin even the best projects. The previous attempts used amateur voice actors, poorly mixed music, and no sound effects. The result is a flat, impersonal experience.

Our studio uses professional voice over talent, directed by our experienced creative team. Hear the difference?

Challenge Solution


The previous attempts were visually dry, and did a poor job holding the viewers attention.


Our team found creative solutions, such as splicing in humor, adding movement and colors to the characters, and changing locations to let the story become both relatable, and more engaging.


And Now... On With The Episodes


Episode 1

Episode 2


Episode 3


Episode 4


Episode 5


Episode 6


Episode 7


Bonus Episode: Job Fair


About ideaMACHINE


We are an eclectic group of directors, producers, designers, illustrators, and animators who can effectively communicate your message through an engaging animation or explainer video.

We love collaborating with smart, creative partners like LISA to create videos that make an impact!

About The Lisa Movement


LISA was born in response to the status quo idea that the only jobs worthy of merit are found in the tech industry. We deeply question this idea and are pointing a big, shiny arrow at the abundance of fascinating tech + innovation jobs in the eco-system of construction, architecture, design, and engineering.