The Microsoft CELA Team (Corporate, External, and Legal Affairs) tasked our team to create 10 animated episodes about the legalities of their sales process. The series focused on subjects like competiton laws, hiring practices, closing guidelines, and more. Now does that sound like fun? .... No? But it was !

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The team had a blast going over the top for laughs; creating likeable characters; yet driving home key legal points to our audiences. The art and design team always comes through creating characters that audiences won't soon forget, and simple awkward animations encourage viewers to fall in love with the relatable human characters.

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Several stake holders were involved from their sales department, to the CELA team, to the Microsoft compliance council. As large as the project was, and as complicated as the subjects were, the series was completed in only 9 months.

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Diversity and inclusion was a top priority. Our team and the Microsoft CELA team needed to connect, communicate with and persuade people of all races, genders, abilities and cultures. To do that our diversity needed to mirror those we were reaching.

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To solve the complex problems that we faced, we need a diversity of perspectives and experiences. Specifically women, LGBT individuals, people with disabilities, ethnic minorities, and U.S. military veterans. So our team treated the videos like a TV series, creating a cast of characters that we brought back several times throughout the videos. Like all cartoon series we needed a series brand guide and story bible to keep the same look and feel for the visuals and storylines of the characters.

We had a great time working on this project. We look forward to hearing about the positive impact it is making in the lives of employees at Microsoft. Hip Hip hooray. To learn more about this project and others call us at (929) 397-2893

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